Mission Statement 

While developing a brand that represents the true aspects of C.Stokes as a Visual Artist, we continuously look to support the community of the arts. 






Commissioned Portraits / Photography  

We offer a 1 hr photography session with the artist starting at $250. Crystal will provide you with low-key digital images Crystal will then use for reference to paint your one-of-a-kind portrait. Each painting is discussed in full detail with the artist.












Fine Art Prints 

Each fine art print is unique to the owner's specific request; size, frame, canvas, embellishments. (please list the desired requests in contact). *Price per piece listed under shop.




















Event Collaborations 

Interested in collaborating with the artist for an upcoming event or show? Contact the artist to review your vision and create the outline for the event. Use of the image/jpeg for media use only is purchased separately. Hourly rate for the creation of each piece will apply. 








Whether it be a commissioned piece, a hand-embellished print, or an art event. We are happy to begin collaborating with you

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